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Friday, April 22, 2005

No More Housework

I'm typing this with my left arm in a half-cast. Why, you might ask? Because I bruised and slightly cracked the bone in my left forearm, right near my wrist. How did I do it, ladies and gentlemen? Vacuuming my stairs.

Yup, I probably had the dumbest injury in the ER last night. We have a Kirby vacuum cleaner. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a really expensive convertible vacuum that's made out of steel. It's a fantastic machine, I can use it as a shop-vac for the cars, it sweeps the floors, and it's a shampooer too. I love the thing. Have I mentioned that it's really heavy?

I discovered that the hard way a few months ago when I was vacuuming the stairs. It was in the hand-held mode (of course, who could carry it around like that, I don't know, it must weigh 25 pounds) and balanced on about the third step from the top. It tumbled and I managed to catch it, but it still hit my arm and that hurt. I should have learned my lesson. I must have at least a little bit because I have vacuumed the stairs between then and now with no issues.

Until yesterday, that is. Same thing happened yesterday, except two things made this incident cause more injury. 1. The vacuum was about 5 steps above where I was, not 1 or 2. 2. I didn't know the vacuum fell because I was looking down. So all of a sudden, this steel thing slams into my arm and I felt the nastiest burning sensation. Oh, and pain. So, I finished cleaning the stairs (because who wants half-vacuumed stairs) and brought the vacuum back upstairs.

I came downstairs and when I tried to pick up Zack, I couldn't, so I figured it was time to go to the ER. I gotta say that our ER was fabulous. I got there a little after 5pm and was out of there before 7 - can you believe it?

So I have this half-cast/splint thing that I'm supposed to wear for a few weeks. I can't work for a week at the restaurant because I can't lift anything. I'm going to host tonight and then my shift on Sunday was given to someone else. I can serve again next Fri/Sat.

I dread having to explain to my boss this morning at my regular job what an idiot I am.


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