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Saturday, April 30, 2005

20 Things You Didn't Know About Me.

I stole this from my friend Wendy's blog. I thought it would be fun.

1. I was an accomplished classical bassoonist from age 17 to 21 and I haven't played it since.

2. I was part of an acapella madrigals singing group in high school.

3. I have never broken a bone (unless you count the cracking of the wrist last week ;) ).

4. I don't usually like other people's children.

5. I haven't always been fat.

6. I cried when we traded in my 4Runner for the van.

7. It took us over 2 years to get pregnant with Zack.

8. My favorite color is royal blue.

9. I'm against the death penalty under any circumstances.

10. I love cheesy, stupid TV Dramas like Melrose Place.

11. I have a problem with trying to make everyone else happy and not myself.

12. I feel like no one knows the real me.

13. I have a problem eating certain foods because of their texture. I can't stand eating fruit with the skin on it or "waxy" vegetables.

14. I have a phobia of spiders, heights, and death. Paralyzing phobia, honestly.

15. I think potty humor is hysterical.

16. I hate being alone.

17. I think I like chocolate more than sex.

18. I haven't worn a dress in years, in fact, I don't own one now.

19. I'm a neat freak at work but my house is a mess.

20. I love swimming, but I never do it.


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