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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Tough Love, Morning 1

Sure enough, since I wrote out that blog entry, Zack's slept through the night both nights. Funny how that works.

This morning, however, was a battle of wills.


*pitter patter of little feet*


*opening of his door*

"I wanna hug and a kiss!!!!!" he yells.

"Ok, sweetie, come on into bed with us and you can have a hug and kiss"


*more screaming and crying. Flailing on the floor*

We continue to repeat that he can have a hug and a kiss when he comes in our room.

"Look, our door is open, you can push it open if you want," we say encouragingly.

I swear to God, the kid karate kicked our door because it came flying open. Followed immediately by him throwing himself on our floor and screaming for another several minutes. He finally escalated to the "screaming bloody murder" scream that he's perfected.

And then, the miracle.

He climbed into bed with us for his hug and kiss.

We won, we won, we won (doing happy dance).

I know what you're thinking. He's 3, you should always win.

You don't have a 3 year old, do you?

Oh my gosh, no lie - as I'm typing this, he's starting to cry. It's 12:20am so we'll see where this goes...


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