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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This and That

I'm finally feeling better, but still coughing a little. Zack's had a fever for several days, I took him to the doctor who rattled off a list of things he DOESN'T have. Of course now, he's fever free - I guess the antibiotics the doc put him on are working. I'm just so glad he's feeling better.

I put in my notice at The Pot last night that I want to work 2 days per week, a MAXIMUM of 3 days. I wrote Erin a letter and taped it to the door. Then I see John (the owner) reading it, so I said "It's not too whiney is it?" I just explained that 4 days a week is too much - my family misses me, I miss them, and it's just too much. I told her that I know it's not her problem if my family is unhappy but I hoped she would be understanding. John said he totally understood and he would give the note to Erin, as well as writing her an email letting her know about it. Then, after pre-shift (where we all sit down and the manager gets us up to speed on things before guests arrive) he asked who wanted to go home (since we didn't have a lot of reservations) and let me go. So, I'm down to 3 nights this week and I'm very happy about that. I will get next week's schedule tomorrow, so hopefully I'll just see two days on there.

Alex's last chess club meeting is today. I know he will miss it. Am I turning my kid into more of a social outcast by putting him in things like chess club? I really worry about that sometimes. He doesn't have a lot of friends and gets picked on pretty regularly. Kids can be so mean. I sure hope he's not in class with that bad seed, Jonathan, next year. That's all I hear about - how Jonathan picks on him. Turns out, he's a bad kid and I'm not the only parent whose child has had issues with him. Great. Oh well, just two more years and then he will be in middle school where there will be more variety of people there for him to make friends with.

My boss lent me his copy of Ray today - I can't wait to watch it tonight!!!


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