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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Zack, thankfully, slept until past 8am! Then we gathered the kids and went to see Robots. Cute movie! I liked it a lot more than A Shark Tale, that one was pretty lame. Robots was fun though and everyone enjoyed it. Zack wasn't as good as he was at Spongebob, but he wasn't bad either - just typically 3.

I haven't done much today - did some chores, but mostly I've enjoyed not having to work tonight. Been having fun chatting with Wendy, as always - amazing how much we think alike ;)

As I type this, the boys are playing "pillow jousting", which of course involves hitting each other. But, at least it's with pillows. Dave's playing They Might be Giants songs on his guitar, while Cassie & I sing. I think it's awesome that my daughter likes a group that I used to listen to in high school myself :)

Oh shit, I'm old. Speaking of that - my birthday is coming up soon. I wonder if I should work that night (it falls on a Saturday so I'll probably get scheduled) and use my birthday as a ploy to get more tips or if I should ask off. What do you think?


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