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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Another Nothing Entry

I wish I could think of one specific topic to discuss, like I usually do, but lately, I can't. Not much out of the ordinary is going on here. I am working 3 days this week, but Erin gave me the weekend off in exchange. I can DEFINITELY deal with that!! Last night wasn't as bad as the previous week, though it was still very busy. I still really like working there.

CSI is a great show. We've been watching it from the first episode and are loving it. But, I want to bring up some issues that I have with it that are starting to piss me off. I really hope in the subsequent seasons, this changes. Why is it that the killer is ALWAYS the first person they talk to? Eyewitness at the scene. He's the killer. Security guard who saw a car drive away. He's the killer. Husband/wife crying at the scene. Killer. It's obnoxious. In the last few episodes we've watched, Dave and I have joked when we see the first person "Oh, that's the killer". And we've been right!!! Come on, get some new ideas people!!!! I still love the show though. Can't wait to get the next disc.

I also just realized that my birthday is in just a couple weeks. I have no plans and no clue what to do with my birthday money that I will get from my parents. They always give me a big chunk of money and I'm determined to keep it for myself this year (I always end up spending it on stuff not necessarily for myself). But, I don't know what to use it on. I was thinking of a spa treatment, but then I feel like that's such a waste of money. But, Leah (my waxer) was telling me about this body wrap that will make me lose several inches when it's done. Um, I'd like that!!! We'll see - give me some ideas :)


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