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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Quick Update

First off, Lisa (the server who passed out) is fine. I haven't had a chance to talk to her, but she should be back at work tonight.

Speaking of work, I'm actually not as excited as I was before about working tonight. I'm working tonight and Monday and I will clean up in tips for sure because we're booked solid for Valentine's Day. Here's the thing. Dave's been sick for a week, Zack threw up Thursday night, so I stayed home with him yesterday, and Cassie's been sick as well (she stayed home from school on Thursday). Well, now, my nose is starting to stuff up. I so don't need this right now.

Let's add on top of that, AF is here in full force, with cramps to boot. So, I get to work a hectic shift tonight, nursing the beginnings of a cold, stressing about whether or not it's going to get worse, how bad it might be on Monday, the mother of all tip nights, AND try to figure out when I'm going to get a chance to take care of AF issues in the bathroom?

This is NOT going to be fun. Someone give me some advice to stop this cold from getting any worse. I'll give you $5 if it works.


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