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Monday, February 28, 2005

Put me out of my misery

I'm so sick. I've been sick for WEEKS, no exaggeration. Dave kept pushing me to go to the doctor and I didn't. Well, stupid me should have listened to him. I went to the doctor today since I'm feeling like death warmed over and I have not only a sinus infection that won't clear up but Bronchitis as well. I'm miserable. This cough that I've had for almost 3 weeks has ripped up my throat and my chest & diaphragm are so sore from all the coughing.

I'm off work until Wednesday and have to find some way to rest. Dave's being a peach, of course, taking good care of me but I don't think he will be home tomorrow.

I probably won't be updating for a few more days. I need to rest.


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