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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Have these people on Survivor never watched Survivor before??? They are complete idiots. Is that one tattooed chick really honestly surprised that she was picked almost last? She hasn't looked remotely friendly to anyone the entire time they've been there. She's whiney and obnoxious. She's not approachable and I think she was only picked cuz that other chick annoyed the shit out of everyone with her stupid singing.

Yeah, that's another thing - why on EARTH would you do something completely annoying in the first 30 minutes of the competition? No wonder she didn't make it.

Jolanda better watch herself too. You can't shoot your mouth off, boss people around, and not get voted off first (I don't know if she really did get voted off first, cuz I'm watching the show as I'm typing this). Well, you can if you're Richard Hatch, but Jolanda, you are no Richard Hatch.

Cody - dude, come on. A pink shirt that you're now wearing for a skirt? The only way that could have been MORE gay was if you'd had the words "I like men" tattooed on your back. Are you going to say that everyone's a homophobe when you get voted off? Idiot. And no, he's not an idiot for being gay, he's an idiot for flaunting it. There WILL be someone on the island ignorant enough to vote him off because he's gay.

Oh wow, lookie there - Jolanda got voted off first. Amazing.

If I wasn't so fat, I'd kick ass on Survivor.


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