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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Whole Lot About Nothing

I don't have much to say. I could probably type forever and talk about all sorts of things, but I have nothing profound nor earthshaking to discuss.

Xmas was great - very mellow, just as I wanted it. Funny, though, we had to basically force Zack to open presents. He opened a few, excitedly, then he wanted to play with his toys and we had to remind him that there were new presents to open. I'm sure this will be the only year that happens.

All the kids made out like bandits and they all seem to like their gifts. Somehow I managed to pick the ONE out of about six Bionicles that Alex said was his absolute favorite. How I lucked into that one, I'll never know, but Santa sure got thanked a lot for that one. That little guy is so cute.

I enjoyed putting all the toys together, especially Alex's legos. I think I will tell everyone to get him legos so that I have something to play with. I'm such a little kid.

I think I've messed my knee up somehow. It REALLY hurts. I yelped on the top stair today in pain. This is not good. I'm scared because it's never hurt like this before. Sometimes it's ached, but not for these many days and it's never made me cry out before. I know it's because I've gained weight back and it makes me so angry with myself. But what if it's something else? I've worked in law long enough and read enough medical records to know what it could be and well, it's enough to freak me out a bit. If I go to an orthopedist, they will take x-rays and prescribe physical therapy. Maybe that will help. I sure hope so because I don't want to think about the alternatives.

If it's still hurting on Monday, I will make an appointment. Damn knees. Damn getting old. Damn everything!

Have you ever eaten a salted apple? I never have, but that's what Dave's eating right now. Should I try it? Nah, maybe I'll just eat a pop tart haha.


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