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Friday, December 24, 2004

What I Want for Xmas

Is some time to myself. Today, I'm in a fantastic mood, but this week has been hard. Sometimes (and yes, I understand that PMS has a lot to do with WHEN these times come), I feel like no one really understands that I'm a person and not just "Mom". I work part-time, but there might be one day a week when I can come straight home from work. And if that happens, there are chores to be done. Often there are chores that are done on the heels of errands that are run, immediately after working. It's exhausting. And sometimes, just sometimes, all I want to do is just RELAX.

But more often than not, I literally can't get 2 minutes to myself (work doesn't count). I will come to crash in the living room, only to have one or more children decide that the living room is exactly where they want to be at that exact same moment in time. It's extremely frustrating. I love my kids, of course, but sometimes I'd like to have some peace in my own house without having to lock myself up in a bedroom. It's a miracle if I can go to the bathroom without Zack following me in there or someone yelling for me while I'm peeing.

David is wonderful, of course, and has made all kinds of suggestions on things he can do to make me less stressed. He's a doll - I'd really be lost without him.

I will get my wish soon though. In 6 days, David and I are going away for New Year's, sans kids. 2 nights of just us. Oh, it will be heaven. Holed up in a cabin in Western Maryland. Soon. Soon. Soon it will come :)


Blogger Mama Chim said...

I can soo relate to this!


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