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Saturday, December 18, 2004

New Model Zack 3.0

Today's the big day. My baby is 3. It's both hard to imagine and not at the same time. Of course he's 3 - it's hard to remember our lives without him, like he's always been here. At the same time, I can remember to the minutest of details being pregnant and his birth. I can tell you that 3 years ago at this time, it was one hour after my water had broken and my contractions were one minute apart. I was laboring without meds. That sooned changed about a half hour from now ;)

There sits my big three-year-old boy now, eating mac & cheese in front of the tv, in overalls and a t-shirt. Surrounded by new toys, watching Spongebob and as happy as he can be. I'm so glad that he's having such a great time on his birthday. He's very excited to be "fwee".

I'm so proud of him - he's such a wonderful, loving little guy, even if he is as stubborn as his mom. We're so lucky to have him and I'm thankful every day.

Off to go eat some cake :)


Blogger Zen Angel said...

Happy birthday, Zack! I hope it was a wonderful day. :)

6:04 AM  

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