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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A Weird Phenomenon

I'm watching Airline. Have you see this show? It's a "reality show" (I hate that term) that follows Southwest Airlines staff and patrons. It's absolutely enthralling. My favorite situation is when people show up late for flights and then have the audacity to yell and scream at the employees to get them on another flight. Oh, and the drunk ones, they crack me up to no end.

So, tonight's episode has one of my favorites - a woman who is late. This lady is furious because she was late, the flight left, and they can only put her on stand-by for future flights.

"Lady, you were LATE. You are such a dumbass - if you wanted to make your flight GET TO THE AIRPORT ON TIME," I yelled at the television.

"Honey," darling Dave says calmly "I don't think they can hear you."

Why do I yell at the television? I can understand football and soccer, I'm cheering for my team "go go go". But, honestly, why am I yelling at this stupid woman who has missed her flight? Hasn't she had enough misery? Does she need to hear my insults? Oh wait, she can't hear my insults.

Now I get it. The television is not interactive. Go figure.

Could this be why the Niners have sucked so hard for the last few years? Yes, that's it. They can't hear my encouraging cheers. Yeah, that's the ticket.


Blogger MrsB said...

I like your posts. This comments is not for this post - but I wanted to tell you that I have linked to your site from mine! I'm a mother also, and my posts aren't as graphically expressed, and hilarious also, as yours, but then I'm a new user, and I'm sure that I'll get things out also. If you want to link back to me I'm at: www.whoismrsb.blogspot.com

10:13 PM  
Blogger Shan said...

I have to admit... I watch that show too! And I LOVE it! Sometimes, you get to see just how kind and sweet the crew can be. (the episodes when they help elderly customers or there was one where one of the guys was helping a man with alzheimer's...) I spend more time laughing at that show though.. Makes you wonder.. If you can't fly drunk or after drinking, why are there so many BARS in the airport?!?!

10:31 AM  

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