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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Toddler Wars

There is the cutest little guy at Zack's daycare, named Jonathan. Every day when I leave after dropping Zachary off, Jonathan runs to the gate and makes kissy faces to me because he wants me to give him a hug and a kiss, like I do with Zack. It's so cute. He's always smiles and giggles when I'm there.

After all the cuteness is said and done, Jonathan likes to beat the crap out of the other kids. He's all of 2 years old now, just turned 2 a few weeks ago. I don't dislike the child, rather I completely understand the phase he's going through. He doesn't have a large vocabulary, so he gets his point across by pushing and hitting. Not nice, but he will grow out of it. He's still adorable.

The other day, I picked up Zack, who proceeded to show me that Jonathan had scratched his neck. "Oh, honey, I'm sorry, I bet that hurt," I said, comforting my little guy, who looked a little proud of his battle scars. "Yes, it hurt, mommy. You gonna get something from your purse? You gonna kill him?"

WHAT??? Am I going to KILL him??? And where on earth did he get the idea that if I were going to kill his little friend, that I have something in my purse to assist me in the venture? I've never touched a gun in my life, let alone own one. Out of the mouth of babes, I swear.

Lucky for me, I was talking to my friend Janine on my cellphone when Zack said that. She burst into laughter and apologies. "I'm sorry, but that is SO funny," she said, trying to get catch her breath. It's not embarrassing as a parent when your child says something shocking, unless there's something else around to hear it.

Time for some more deprogramming. I think we have his older brother to blame for this one ;)


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