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Saturday, November 20, 2004

I Use My Children.

I'll admit it, I do. I use them to perpetuate my immaturity. As an adult, would I voluntarily go to see the SpongeBob SquarePants movie alone? Never. But, I have children, so I have an excuse to go. I'm doing it for them. SpongeBob makes me giggle. I absolutely love that show. Now, Zack is obsessed with it, so I have another reason to watch it. Because it makes him happy and who am I to deny him the simple pleasure of a great Saturday morning cartoon?

Same goes for cheesy teenybopper flicks. I see commercials for those and grin happily because I know that my daughter will jump at the chance to go see one and that means that *I* get to see one! When Mean Girls came out, I was super-pissed because she went and saw it with friends. I wanted to go. I wanted to "chaperone" them, but they didn't need that. I needed some type of excuse to go see this movie - it looked great! I tried my best and basically got told that unless I was willing to shell out megabucks for snacks for all of them, I was not coming.

Ended up watching it on DVD with Dave. It was as great as I was hoping it would be :)

I'm also a videogame fanatic. I could play videogames all day long. "Mom, can I watch you play Crash Bandicoot?" Of course, sweetie, how could I say no to that? That would just be mean. *snicker*

Ooooooh, I just saw a commercial for a new Crash Bandicoot game, speak of the devil. And my wonderful husband said to me "Honey, why don't you buy that now and we can count that as a Xmas present". Like I'm gonna turn down THAT offer. Looks like I'll be hitting Best Buy after class today. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Mama Chim said...

lol Cath you so make me laugh! We are a huge spongebob family here too as well as viedo games. Mean girls was great! Ger rented that a few weeks ago ~ I never thought of using my kids to see what I wanted though LOL Clever .. very clever ..

1:10 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Cathy you are such a genius. I'm not really afraid to admit that I'd love to go see the SpongeBob movie, lol. But I think it's really cute that you like teen flicks ;)

6:36 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

SpongeBob Lover here to. But haven't gotten to take the kids yet. Oh and Ill Tell you a little secret. Im a closet Lizzy Mcguire fan. Hee Hee Hee. That Gordo is just to cute :)

11:02 PM  

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