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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Extreme This, Extreme That

I'm through with the constant "extreme" advertising that's saturating the airwaves and has been for a while now. Extreme sports, extreme toys, extreme soft drinks, extreme this, extreme that. Hey, extreme THIS. Get over it. It's beyond obnoxious.

And the TV ads are always the same teenage boys, not literally, but they are all cut from the same mould. At least one of them has to be wearing a knit hat for some reason, too. I think it all began with the Do the Dew campaign for Mountain Dew. They were slightly amusing at first, then they became grating. Do you know they have Extreme Capri Sun? Since when can a fruit juice be described as "extreme" anything, except nasty?

Back to the boys - their hair is usually perfectly rumpled, and they spout out the hippest phrases in between "dudes". Why aren't there extreme girls in these commercials? Cassie would be pissed if she knew there aren't girls involved in this, only boys. If there ever is a girl thrown into these commercials, she's there for the boys to gawk at.

The last straw was in Safeway where I saw packages of Extreme Jello. I'm not lying. Here's a picture because I know you don't believe me:

What on God's green Earth could possibly be extreme about gelatin? Does it become poisonous when mixed according to the package instructions? That would be extreme. You can make all the funky flavors you want, package them in colorful boxes, heck even package them in freeze-dried blocks, but that will not make Jello extreme.

It's as though the American public is being dumbed down. I understand that these ads are geared toward teenagers, but I honestly don't think teenagers are that dumb either. I don't think it's fair for adults to assume that the way in which we perceive teenagers to be is how they really are. I get this response 9 times out of 10 when I mention that I have a teenage daughter:

(Quick sucking in of air through clenched teeth) "I'm sorry" or "I don't envy you." Why are you sorry? Because you assume that all teenagers are drunk, horny, lazy, defiant, and devious non-human creatures who you should fear? You should envy me because my teenager is a really great person who is eager to help other people and likes to just sit and talk to us. She doesn't lock herself in her room and sneak around. She's funny, extremely smart, and the most pleasant of our three kids to be around on a daily basis ;)

I wonder what will be next in the "extreme" wave of advertising? I can see it now: "Extreme Pampers" Babies with their hair spiked up, wearing leather jackets. "This ain't your mamma's diaper, these are extreme diapers, dude!" These diapers are so extreme, only the coolest babies wear them. What makes them extreme? Nothing, except probably the words "Extreme Pampers" printed somewhere on them.

That would be enough to make some idiot out there buy them, I'm sure of it. I should market these - I'd make millions.


Blogger Zen Angel said...

I can't remember the last time I laughed so much!

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