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Monday, October 25, 2004

We Must be Doing Something Right

One thing I promised myself I wouldn't do is talk about my kids' personal lives in any depth. That's not fair to them. Of course, the boys don't really have personal lives yet, so you know this post is about Cassie.

I have to say something here for the world to see. I am so proud of my kid! She is so much more than I was at her age. So confident, strong, kick-ass-take-names!!! She is who she is and if you don't like her, that's your problem, not hers. I can't believe this is my child because she has none of the issues that I had at her age. And I'm so happy for that!!!!

She just broke up with her boyfriend and she's taking it in stride. She's not all "woe is me, my life is over because I need a boy to validate me". She's all "he doesn't deserve me" and "I deserve to be appreciated".

She's at such a critical age where her self-esteem and her view of herself is being set in stone basically. Most of us have been teenage girls at some point, so you know what I'm talking about.

Wow, must be doing something right. Wish I knew what it was so we could make sure to do it the same with the boys.


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