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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fall has...fallen? It's coming? It's here? Something?

Today is the first day of Fall. Maybe it was technically yesterday, but for the sake of argument and my blog, I'm going to say it's today.

It was hot today. I didn't like that. I really love the Fall. I love brisk air that comes rushing in. The beautiful leaves (though I hate raking them and that's why Dave does it), and the rustling they make on the sidewalks. My drive home from work is absolutely breath-taking, driving over the "canyon" as I call it on Interstate 70. There's a huge bridge, one day I'd like to get out of my car and see how high up it is, but I'm scared of heights. As I approach the bridge there are thousands of trees and barely any of them are evergreens. The shades of marigold, orange, and beige is a sight to see. I will take a picture one day.

Every Fall, when I take that drive home, it makes me so happy to be alive. I know that sounds cliche and cheesy, but it's true. Without fail, I think about how great my life is and how beautiful the earth is. I'm excited for the drive this year. I wish the leaves would change.

I like dressing up in warm clothes - big cuddly sweaters, fleece jackets, sweat pants - and curling up on my couch under a comforter. Sometimes I will even open the windows to make it a little cooler inside and to smell the fresh air. I can't wait.

And this year, the Fall brings the Presidential Election. Oh, I can't wait for that!!!!


Blogger Mama Chim said...

oohhh I LOVE the fall too!!! September through april are my most fav. months .. esp. oct- dec ... I'm up in the mountains and it's absolutley stunning right now.

I'd LOVE to see a picture of the canyon you drive through :)

1:38 AM  

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