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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I Take it all Back!!!!!!!!

I've always been one to say "I'm happier if I'm busy." Boredeom is no fun, however, I take it back, I'm not happier when I'm busier. More stressed? Yes. More frantic? Yup. More borderline insane? You got it! This last week has felt like a whirlwind of constant errands, chores, and noise. If I'm not running around with errands, there are chores to be done. If the toddler boy is quiet, the teenager and her friends are working my last nerve. If the teenager's quiet and by some miracle, so is the toddler boy, the middle child is driving me to the brink of insanity. It's a never-ending cycle around this house.

But, the last few days have just been unreal. Trips to the airport, a Wiggles concert, PTA meeting, notary renewal (which included a trip to the WRONG Courthouse, thank you very much), and grocery delivery. Grocery delivery, how could that be stressful? Well, waiting for him to deliver the groceries and having an 8 year old who needs to go to karate while the babysitting-age teenager is nowhere to be found gets trying. I found him a ride though - knock off 10 stress points. Oh, and since teenager is nowhere to be found, that means a reduction in noise! Knock off 5 stress points.

After cleaning the kitchen and paying the bills today, I've decided to take the rest of the day off. I'm taking tomorrow off too (not from work, but from "home" work). Knock off 25 stress points, pass "Go" and get $200 in fake money. At some point, I've got to get the PTA budget worked out, but I can probably push that until the weekend. Knock off 5 stress points.

Of course, the groceries aren't going to put themselves away, now are they? Add 2 stress points.


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