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Monday, August 16, 2004

A Few of my Favorite Zack Things

"Mommy, I farted on you. With my butt."

Toddler somersaults.

The "Baby Jackass" moves that Zack pulls. He is the smallest daredevil alive, I'm convinced of it. He will jump off of anything - the higher, the better.

The fact that he can work the dvd player and vcr like a pro.

"Oh, dat's a good idea, mom"

The way he clings to me when he's sleepy.

How much he adores his brother and sister - they can do no wrong in his eyes.

The songs he sings.

"Could you help me, mommy, could you?" variations being "Could you get that for me, could you?" or "Could you help me find my gwamma (or daddy, whichever the case may be)"

The fact that even though he wakes me up before 7am sometimes, ok often lately, as soon as I see his face, I can't be mad at him, no matter what time it is.

How he holds me tight and says "it's ok, mommy, that noise won't hurt you" when HE is the one that is scared.

And best of all - my favorite thing - is that I have him at all.


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