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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Trucks, Buses, and Motorcycles, oh my!

My weekday mornings are almost identical from one day to the next at this point in time.  Forget the normal, mundane, getting up, showered, dressed, blah blah blah that we all go through.  That's a given.  I'm talking about what happens after we leave the house.

For me, weekday mornings are an exercise in vehicle identification.  The 2.5 boy is obsessed with all things vehicular.  And at the top of the list are the title items.  A quick glimpse of any of these items is immediately followed by "Wook mom, wook, a ____".  As mom, I must realize my place in life during this time is to answer the boy as soon as humanly possible with "I see that ____!!!" whether I can actually see said vehicle or not.  Even a split-second delay can throw him into the "Wook" screaming mode, which I like to avoid at all costs. 

Our daily adventures begin as we pull out of the driveway.  "I wanna see da twucks, mommy, ok?"  I always smile, turn around to look at him for a split second and say "In just a minute, I'm sure we can find some trucks".  I'm honestly surprised he doesn't say this with me at this point.  I don't think I deviate from those words.

It's a 20-30 minute drive, depending on the countless idiots who invade my roadway with their inconsiderate methods of driving.  Mr. 2.5 takes after his mommy, to a quite unnerving degree.  Two seconds too long at a traffic light elicits calls of "Move da cars, MOVE...DA...CARS!!!!!!" from my back-seat driver.  Impatience is a virtue, I always say.

Luckily for Mr. Wheels, most of the drive to work is highways.  Lots of trucks on highways, you see.  Lots of school buses and motorcycles too.  It's heaven for my little guy.   If by some strange aligning of the moon and stars or some sort of change in the earth's rotation, the boy is not interested in looking for cars that day from the get go, as soon as we hit the highway, he's back to normal, checking out everything in sight.  A typical morning goes something like this:

*insert sounds of talk radio station that mommy is trying to listen to*
"A skoo bus, mommy, wook right dere, a SKOO BUS!"
"I see it, Zack!"
"And da twuck!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Yup, what kind of truck is that?"
"A chip truck" or "A milk truck" or "A toy truck", you get the picture
*radio begins to say something mommy is very interested in listening to*
*mommy misses what she wanted to hear and forgot to answer the boy*
"I see it, Zack, what color is that motorcycle?"
"Dat's a cy-go go"
"Ok, Zack"

At some point during this conversation, which will last around 15 minutes long, Zack will decide that it's time to go to "Jason's house", which is his name for the Starbucks that we visit every morning.  After Jason's house, it's time to drop him off at daycare.

"I'll pick you up later and we'll see more trucks, ok babydoll?"
"OK, I wanna blow bubbles wif Ms. Barb a-day"
"Alright, let's ask Ms. Barb if you can blow bubbles today"
"Where's Hider-man, mommy?  He in da car. Babies no get him"
"That's right, Zack, he's in your seat waiting for you.  We don't want the babies to get him"

Did I mention the drive home?


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