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Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Joy of Pizza

I've never been a huge pizza fan. Seems impossible, but it's true. Give me a burger any day. Mmmm, burgers. With mushrooms. And bacon, must have bacon - crispy bacon too, not that floppy, fat-dripping crap that some places try to pass off as bacon. Steak sauce makes a tasty topper. Tomatoes, FRIED onions, no lettuce. Well done, never anything but. Whole wheat bun with sesame seeds.

Ok, I'm back. I fainted there for a second in a puddle of drool. What was I talking about? Pizza, yes, pizza. Not as good as burgers, that's for sure. Mmm, burg-oh ok stop. Having ADD is rough.

Pizza is winning me over. It's warm. That in and of itself is a plus. I like warm food. It's comforting, inviting, kinda like burgers. I prefer thin-crust pizza. I want the good stuff, not to exercise my jaw chewing through dough. Bacon and pineapple are my favorites. Hard to believe I used to be a vegan once (that's no meat, no dairy for those not in the know). I always feel guilty after I eat pizza. Kind of like when I eat an entire pint of ice cream. But, I always feel wonderful WHILE eating the pizza. Which feeling outweighs the other?

Tonight, it's the wonderful feeling. I'm waiting for some pizza to be delivered. Isn't delivery just the lazy-man's wet dream? I had my groceries delivered recently and I will never go back to the store again (of course, that's an over-exaggeration, I'll go - under huge duress and with a gun to my head, but I'll go). Convenience is overtaking our society. It is making us lazier and lazier. We are getting more accustomed to things being done for us, items being brought TO us. I'd venture to say that if one looked hard enough, almost anything could be delivered, for the right price. There's no more seek and ye shall find - more of a "google and it shall come". The downfall of our society, I'm sure of it.

And I for one, love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"google and it shall come" omg that's hysterical!!!

6:48 PM  
Blogger Fluttering Whispers said...

whoooppss that anonymous was me lol *blush*

6:49 PM  

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